Cold Water – Cold Brine – Ice Water

Cooling and refrigeration on various levels of temperature is indispensible for virtually all manufacturing processes. Depending on the required level of temperature for the cooling of machinery usually cold water with a temperature between + 1 ° C to + 20 ° C is used. Drinking water, e. g. used for the production of dough, is ideally cooled down to approx. + 1 to + 2 ° C. If temperatures below 0 ° C are required cold brine is used. Munz provides energy efficient solutions for all those cases. For low to medium performances from approx. 3 to 300 kW refrigeration capacity chillers with piston or scroll compressors and the refrigerants R507A or R410A are used. Higher performances up to 2.000 kW are implemented using screw compressor units and R134a as refrigerant. The power control of the compressors for an energy efficient adjustment of the system to the actually required refrigeration capacity is archived e. g. by running several compressors in a rack in the on/off mode, slide control system with screw compressors, or by variable speed drive using a frequency inverter.

In case natural refrigerants shall be used, which is key to obtain eligibility to energy efficiency enhancing public funding, Propane (R290) or CO2 (R744) can be used. We help you analyze your case and give technology neutral advice concerning the proper refrigerant and the best solution with the lowest life cycle costs for your business. Particularly with cold water the proper design of the system can easily save several thousand Euros of operating costs per year.

Drinking Water Chiller with Ice Bank Storage for Dough Production

Ice water units serve the purpose cool down tap water exactly. The biggest challenge in dough production is the strong fluctuation of the temperature of tap water throughout the year. At the tapping point it can vary between + 8 ° C and + 12 ° C in winter and between + 15 ° C and + 20 ° C in summer. A constantly low temperature of the drinking water is an important criterion of quality in dough production. By cooling down the water constantly to + 1 ° C to + 2 ° C throughout the year, ice water units provide a very efficient and reliable possibility to meet this criterion.

Product Range

  • Sophisticated product portfolio with chilling capacities from 50 liters/h up to approx. 2.500 liters/h
  • Low footprint with ice bank storage and refrigerating unit installed on same basic frame
  • Split implementation with separate refrigeration unit, e. g. for outdoor installation of the refrigeration unit

Advantages of Ice Water Chillers

  • Constantly low water temperatures
  • Exact control of the dough temperature throughout the year
  • Fast swelling and best water absorbing properties due to no ice has to be melted during the kneading process
  • Fluffy dough due to fast production of gluten
  • Exact dispense through water mixing and dosing unit
  • Water bearing parts are made of stainless steel and easy to clean
  • Hygienically clean drinking water, no contamination