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Start of operation of a cold water chiller

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LT wing door with compression crank and fender

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AC units – outdoor installation

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View inside a LT dough storage unit with trollies

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Combination installation door front

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Proofing unit

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Air cooled condensers

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Refrigeration machinery room

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Front of a plus cooling unit

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Switch cabinet with control panel

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View inside a plus cooling room with sliding door

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Welcome to Munz cooling and air-conditioning

The mystery of success is to understand the customers´ point of view
(Henry Ford)

Munz GmbH is a medium sized enterprise specialized on cooling and air-conditioning. Founded in 1983 we look back on more than 25 years of business activities. Located in the metropolitan area Stuttgart we offer our German and international customers´ innovative high-quality system solutions in the sector of commercial and industrial cooling and air-conditioning.

We provide:

  • Cooling, air-conditioning and conditioning systems
  • Processing, cooling and freezing units
  • Blast chillers and blast freezers
  • Cold water and cold brine systems
  • Customized solutions
Our customers are:

  • Commercial and industrial bakeries and confectioneries
  • Food processing industry
  • Catering companies, commercial companies and industrial enterprises

We consult and design your customized solution meeting your individual requirements. Your operating procedures and your product quality are our main priority.


About energy efficiency:

15 % of the electricity produced in Germany are consumed by refrigerating systems and air-conditioning. Assuming an operating period of 10 years, the life cycle costs (LCC) or total costs of ownership (TCO) breaks down as follows:

  • 12 - 15% Investment costs
  • 5 – 8% Maintenance costs
  • 80% Operating costs (electricity)
The follow-up costs of a refrigerating or air-conditioning system are many times the purchase price. The key to low life cycle costs is using energy efficient technology. Munz has taken up this task and offers sustainable concepts based on the latest technology. We deliver stand alone systems as well as complete operational equipment. Please contact us. Together we will find the optimal solution for your company, which will meet your requirements perfectly.

MUNZ development goals for refrigerating systems and air-conditioning

Find out more about our products, our services and the latest technologies on our website.