• Heat Recovery Systems WRG

    All refrigeration units have a “cold” and a “warm” side. To archive high total efficiency it makes sense not to simply blow the system’s waste heat unexploited into the environment via the air-cooled condenser, but to recover as much energy as possible.

    Possible Applications of Heat Recovery Systems

    • Warm water to raise the flow temperature of dishwashers
    • Warm water for sanitary application, e. g. showering or cleaning
    • Raise of flow temperature of the heating system in case of low temperature heating
    • Glycol defrost heating for large low temperature storage systems
    • Warm water for heating of proofers
    Refrigeration units usually produce water on a temperature level of 45 ° C to 50 °C. A LT refrigerating maschine with a cooling capacity of 10 kW and an operating time of 10 hours per day can heat up approx. 3.500 liters of water from + 10 ° C to + 45 ° C.


    • System with or without buffer tank
    • Use of superheat
    •      Less heat quantity, higher temperature level
    • Use of condensing heat
    •      Higher heat quantity, lower temperature level
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